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Casual Magic the Gathering is dedicated to the casual play of Magic the Gathering.

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Submission Guidelines

CasualMTG accepts a broad range of user-submitted content. If you have something to say that's of interest to your fellow casual magic players, we'll likely be interested in publishing it, whether it's a report of a local tournament, the story of a fun game of magic, the fun deck you're particularly proud of or anything else.

Here are the submission guidelines:

1) Above all, make sure the article you send us is yours or you have the author's permission to send it to us. If you read an interesting article elsewhere, you can send us the link and we'll consider linking to it.

2) You're completely free in what type of content you submit, as long as it's of interest to casual players.

3) Try to keep spelling and grammatical mistakes to a minimum.

4) We reserve the right to edit your submission to fix typos or grammatical errors, delete unnecessary profanity, shorten the article to a more manageable level, add editorial comments or for any other reason. We don't make a habit of it, though, and if you don't want us to change anything, mention it at the top of your submission.

5) There is no minimum or maximum length for your article. It can be as short as a poem or as long as you want. Before you start writing a very long one, it's advisable to ask us if we're interested in it, though, or you could end up wasting all that effort for nothing.

6) Don't send us any raw decklists with no further explanation of how the deck works.

7) We don't offer any compensation. Although we'd like to in the future, we can't afford to at the moment.

8) By submitting an article to us, you give us the right to publish it on and to keep it available in our archives.

If you have any questions we haven't addressed here, feel free to ask us.

You can submit through email, by emailing us at, but we prefer it if you use the submission form.

Note: when submitting by email, please use either plain text or HTML formatting. Although we can usually decipher Word documents as well, it's a hassle.

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