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Ray Gun

by: Steve

This deck has worked for me many times and is very good. The following is a decklist and then I'll explain my choices. Keep in mind, I haven't come up with a sideboard yet.

4 Millstone
4 Memory Lapse
4 Cephalid Broker
3 Cephalid Looter
3 Counterspell
3 Arcane Laboratory
3 Teferi's Moat
2 Legacy Weapon
3 Wrath of God
1 Rout
2 Ambassador Laquatus
4 Rushing River
2 Skycloud Expanse
4 Adakar Wastes
4 Coastal Tower
3 Crystal Quarry
8 Islands
3 Plains

Let's look at the counter magic first. Counterspell is arguably one of the best cards in the game. Memory Lapse is just as good in this deck, because it intends to deplete your opponent's deck. Put the spell on top of their library, and then mill it away.

For creatures, I use Ambassador Laquatus, a very powerful 1/3 creature from Torment. This guy depletes your opponents library at least as well as Millstone does. Cephalid Broker and Cephalid Looter do pretty much the same thing, making your opponent draw 2 and 1 cards respectively and then forcing him to discard that many cards.

For controlling the board, I have Wrath of God and Rout to clear away all creatures. Teferi's Moat keeps most of your opponent's creatures from attacking you.

Arcane Laboratory works well with the counterspells and the ultimate control card in this deck: Legacy Weapon. This gets rid of anything. Crystal Quarry powers this big beat-stick.

As for win conditions, Millstone and Ambassador Laquatus will run your opponent out of cards so fast, he won't know what hit him.
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