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REPORT: PTQ Butler (Trenches)

by: Bill Patterson
Well, I went to a PTQ Tournament down in Butler with a couple of friends. Mark Ortego, Bill Molnor, and Douglas No Joy. We were one of the first people to get there actually. It was held in some hotel. Doug was playing a blue, black, green deck, Mark was playing a blue, white, green deck, Billy was playing the Dromar deck, and I was playing a red, black, white deck. Here is the decklist.

Trenches Deck
4 Vindicate
3 Skizzik
4 Flametongue Kavu
2 Urza's Rage
2 Void
4 Goblin Trenches
3 Fervant Charge
4 Goblin Legionnaire
4 Terminate
4 Gerrard's Verdict
4 Caves of Koilos
4 Battlefield Forge
7 Swamp
5 Mountain
5 Plains
1 Urborg Volcano

Round 1

I was kind of nervous, like always in a big tournament. I had to play one of my Magic friends. He was playing black, blue, green. 1st game went kind of slow but it was close. I was holding on for some time against a Spiritmonger but it eventually wrecked me. I lost the first game.
2nd game was also close. It was neck to neck until the end. I was at 2 and he was 1. Then he busts out a Spiritmonger and I hung in there for about 5 turns, but I lost. I lost the series 2-0.

Round 2

I was playing against a red/black deck. 1st game I slapped him around with a Skizzik with a Fervant Charge out. 2nd game he got land screwed. When he did draw land I Vindicated it and once again I won with a Skizzik. I win the series 2-0.

Round 3

I play against Domain. It was kind of a weird Domain deck actually. I was playing against a girl. You don't see that much. I won the first game easily with 2 Goblin Legionnaires. 2nd game was the most embarrasing game I ever played. I lost to a Collation Victory. Pretty embarrasing, right? But the next game she got land screwed and so did I and I pulled out on top. I win the series 2-1.

Round 4

I finally get my revenge against blue, black, green. The 1st game was interesting. He countered most of my stuff early in the game, but later I killed 2 Spiritmongers which is pretty good. Then I won with Trenches. Too many tokens for that guy to handle.
In the 2nd game he gets land screwed and I beat him down with a Skizzik and a Rage. I win the series 2-0. The guy was really nice though.

My record so far was 3-1.

Round 5

I am playing against blue, black, red. Boy did I get crushed both games! I dont even want to talk about that series. I lose the series 2-0.

Round 6

I played against the Dromar deck. It was not my friend though. First game was good. He lays out a Questing Phelddagrif, but all of his lands were tapped so I killed it with a Terminate. Lucky for me. I beat him down with Trenches. In the 2nd game he got land screwed, like all my opponents do and I win with a Skizzik. I win the series 2-0.

Round 7

I was playing against blue, black, green. The 1st game I lost fast, because I could not draw the right land, so a Spiritmonger came out and just wrecked game. The 2nd game was close. He was at 6, I was at 9. I had an Urza's Rage in my hand and 11 land out, just waiting to draw 1 more land, which I did. So I Raged him with kicker. I win, right? WRONG! He Undermined the Rage not once, not twice, but three TIMES! I called the judge over, but he said everything was legal. He wins. The guy was all proud of himself. He wins the series 2-0.

Round 8

He was playing some weird deck. I beat him in 10 minutes. Trenches wins me both games. I win series 2-0.

My overall record was 5-3. Not too bad, I guess. Well, Doug did horrible and went 0-3 and dropped, Billy went 3-3 and dropped, and Mark went 4-4. I did the best out of all of them. Out of 170 people there I came in 36th.

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