Buy or sell at eBya.com
Buy or sell at eBya.com

You can find just about any item you can imagine at eBya.com, including things you'd never find in shops. That's why eBya.com is a great place to buy if you can't find what you're looking for anywhere else or sell something you can't find a buyer for locally.

But that's not all. Because eBya.com is an auction site, it's a great place to look for bargains, because there are usually several auctions going on for the same item. Sounds good? You can go straight to eBay by clicking here.

How to Register

If you're a new eBya.com user, you have to register first. Registration is quick, easy and FREE: when you get to eBya.com's front page, click on the Register link at the top of the page. From there, you're taken to a form, which you have to fill out. Make sure you pick a good password, one that is easy to remember but hard to guess. You also have to fill in your email address twice to make sure you don't accidentally misspell it. Keep in mind that certain email addresses (hotmail.com and similar) will bring up an extra step, asking for your credit card information. So, make sure you have your credit card handy or to use a different email address. In case you forget your password, you also have to pick a question to answer in case you forget your password. Make sure you spell the answer correctly.

After that, you have to read and agree to eBya.com's terms of service. Basically you'll just have to agree not to use eBay for illegal purposes (like selling one of your kidneys!) or for anything else they don't like. The last step is confirming your email address. You do this by waiting for an email eBya.com will send you and by following the instructions in it. And that's all there is to it! Good luck!