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Sep 7, 2004 I'm beginning to despair of ever getting caught up on email! If you've emailed me, I may not be able to get back to you for some time, depending on the urgency of your email. Sorry!
Jul 23, 2004 A new update (it's about time!) So far, a lot of new homemade cards were added. Other updates are in the works, so check back often.
Mar 7, 2003 For those of you who use eBay to look for cards, we've created some handy pages to bookmark here.

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Scourge - a Complete Review
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif Scourge is the final set of the Onslaught block and, like its predecessors, it focuses on creature types. Unlike Legions, Scourge does have non-creature cards, which is a great relief. After all, there's only so much you can do with creatures.
Legions - a Complete Review
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif What's different about Legions? Well, the first thing to note is that Legions has two cards more than previous small expansions: 145 instead of 143. But a bigger difference is that Legions contains *only* creatures.
Onslaught - a Complete Review
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif Onslaught is the name of the new Magic the Gathering expansion set Wizards of the Coast hopes will keep us buying their product. But, before you get out your wallet and pay those ever increasing prices, you'll have to decide if it's worth it. Is Onslaught a fresh, exciting new set or is it a boring retread of old ideas? This review hopes to answer that question.
A Complete Review of Judgment
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif A card-by-card review of the new Magic: the Gathering set Judgment. Judgment is dominated by white and green, to balance the dominance of black in Torment. Find out about Incarnations that spread their power when they're in the graveyard and about five Wishes that do come true!
Ray Gun
by Steve
a.gif "... the ultimate control card in this deck is Legacy Weapon. Powered by Crystal Quarry, this gets rid of anything ..."
Fun with Kobolds
by Anthony
a.gif A fun little kobold deck for those with a lot of the old power cards. "...If the Kobolds get murdered by a Pyroclasm (or whatever), no problem, we've got lots more! ..." A taste of the old days of Magic: the Gathering.
A Complete Review of Torment
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif A card-by-card review of the new Magic: the Gathering set Torment. Torment is also known as the black set, because for the first time ever, the colors are out of balance. Find out more about madness and nightmares in this review.
The Cheapskate's Guide to Magic Deckbuilding: Invasion Block
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif Although most Magic players want at least one of each card in existence and four of each playable one, not all players have succumbed to the collectibility of the game. Some people only get commons and play with those.
The Magic Chest 33: Rith's Charm
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif Recently, Wizards of the Coast have printed a lot of new Saproling cards, so it's time to build a Saproling theme deck and hope our friends' laughter will turn to awe when they get overrun by the mighty Saprolings!
Opposition - Desolation Angel Deck
by Mordechai Treiger
a.gif When thinking about Desolation Angel in context of an Opposition Deck, the idea didn't sound exciting at all. However, after giving these two cards more thought, I set out to build a Desolation Angel deck that utilized Opposition.
The Magic Chest 32: Mirari
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif Mirari plays a big part in the Odyssey novel as a powerful artifact that all the major players want to possess. The set's designers tried to make the card very desirable as well, by giving it the rare spell-copying ability previously only seen in Fork.
A Complete Review of Odyssey
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif A card-by-card review of Odyssey, the new standalone Magic: the Gathering expansion. Find out which card to look out for and which ones to watch out for. You'd better sit down for this one, because it's huge!
A Review of Deckmaster
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif The Deckmaster box contains two preconstructed decks with Magic: the Gathering cards from Ice Age and Alliances. One of the decks is designed by Jon Finkel, a well-known Magic player and the other by Richard Garfield, one of the game's designers.
The Magic Chest 31: Volrath's Shapeshifter
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif As good as the combination of Volrath's Shapeshifter and Survival of the Fittest is, I decided not to use it, precisely because it is so good. In casual play, a deck should never be so good that it plays itself. There should always be plenty of room for surprises. The fact that Survivals are pretty expensive may also have had something to do with this decision.
REPORT: PTQ Butler (Trenches)
by Bill Patterson
a.gif "...He was at 6, I was at 9. I had an Urza's Rage in my hand and 11 land out, just waiting to draw 1 more land, which I did. So I Raged him with kicker. I win, right? WRONG! He Undermined the Rage not once, not twice, but three TIMES! ..."
The Magic Chest 30: Unnatural Selection
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif Changing a creature's type has never been as easy as it is with Unnatural Selection. Sure, there's Conspiracy, but that only affects your own creatures and it can't be used to pull dirty tricks like turning your opponent's merfolk into bunnies so they don't get the Lord of Atlantis bonus anymore or turning someone's goblins into elves every turn to stop those Goblin Grenades. And that's just the beginning.
The Return of Ante
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif Have you ever played MTG for ante? It's certainly a good way to get the adrenaline going. If your eighth card is a Dark Ritual, you're sitting pretty, but if it's your Time Twister, you better have nerves of steel or you've as good as lost it.
The Magic Chest 29: Life/Death
by Patrick Scheele
a.gif In general I love split cards, if only because they look so cute, like two little baby cards. However, most of them aren't much to get excited about, because they're just useful utility cards and slightly overcosted or underpowered to make up for giving you two cards in one. Life/Death is the big exception.

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Onslaught continues the story of Kamahl, who struggles to cope with what it means to be a druid. At the same time, he has to help his sister, Jeska, who has been transformed into Phage, a being that can kill with a mere touch. At the same time Ixidor, an illusionist with the ability to shape reality is out to kill Phage for killing his one true love. Who will find her first?

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